The Objective Of The Strategic Review Was To Re-establish Eep As An Effective Sponsored Vehicle For The Benefit Of Eep Unitholders And Enbridge.

In addition to the foregoing, the Board of the Partnership's designate manager announced a reduction in EEP's quarterly distribution from US$0.583 to US$0.350 per unit to unitholders of record at the close of business on May 8,, 2017. Retaining additional cash flow allows EEP to internally fund more of its attractive growth projects, alleviate near term equity capital requirements and strengthen its balance sheet. "EEP holds some of our most strategic and high quality, long-life, critical energy infrastructure assets in North America," said Al Monaco, President and CEO of Enbridge. "The objective of the strategic review was to re-establish EEP as an effective sponsored vehicle for the benefit of EEP unitholders and Enbridge. We believe today's actions, and those undertaken earlier this year, achieve this objective by returning EEP to a pure-play liquids pipeline MLP - with premium low-risk assets, a strong financial position, self-funding capability, ample distribution coverage and visible growth. Both EEP unitholders and Enbridge shareholders will continue to derive value from these unique assets in the near term and in the years to come." On January 27, EEP and Enbridge announced interim measures to alleviate EEP's near-term funding requirements and enhance its cash flows, including the acquisition by Enbridge of the public float in MEP, the finalization of a joint funding arrangement for the U.S. portion of the Line 3 Replacement Project (L3R), and the exercise of EEP's option for an additional 15 percent interest in the cash generating Eastern Access Project. Those initiatives, together with those announced today, reposition EEP as a compelling low-risk investment. The transactions result in a more streamlined capital structure at EEP and simplify Enbridge's holdings in the Partnership by eliminating certain classes of preferred and partnership units. There are no other material support actions by Enbridge required, nor are any further actions contemplated. The combined restructuring actions have the overall effect of Enbridge acquiring all of EEP's gas gathering and processing business and a 99 percent interest in L3R in exchange for approximately US$1.1 billion in net cash and the transfer to EEP of a 15 percent interest in the Eastern Access Expansion.

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