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Sponsored content is written by Global News' editorial staff without any editorial influence by the sponsor. If you'd like to learn more... Sponsored content is written by Global News' without any editorial influence by the sponsor. If you'd like to learn more... Anja Punjab Sweets and Samosa Factory restaurant in Calgary was shut down by Alberta Health Services (AHS) after mouse droppings were found in the food and a dead mouse found in a food container. The restaurant was so infested with mice that mouse droppings were found on food and in food preparation containers and storage areas, according to a notice on the AHS website, dated May 19. The investigation also found that food packaging, boxes and containers were stored on the floor among mouse droppings. An old office that was converted into a food storage area and was reportedly dirty and cluttered. AHS noted a slew of other health violations at the establishment, including: Accumulations of grease and old food debris around counters, shelves and large food equipment Displayed food was not protected from customer contamination — “foreign matter” was also found in the display Hand-washing sinks in the food prep area weren’t easily accessible Food handlers weren’t washing their hands between handling cash and preparing food Open, unprotected foods were stored beside the hand-washing sink and power hand-dryer Perishable food and desserts were stored improperly or left unattended at room temperature No probe thermometer to measure food temperatures Food equipment was contaminated with grime and old food debris Food equipment and preparation tools and dishes weren’t properly sanitized Paint was seen chipping off painted portions of the stainless steel samosa-making machine and other preparation items Wooden pallets for transporting food were covered in debris and hard to clean Chemical spray bottles and bottles filled with edible syrup weren’t labelled to indicate contents Light fixture above the samosa-making machine was not covered Food handlers lacked basic food safety and sanitation knowledge There was no complete and thorough cleaning schedule provided The owners of the establishment, who are listed as Swarnjeet Kaur Kalkat, Kehar Singhwere, Gurmukh Singh and 1915723 Alberta Ltd., were forced to close the restaurant, and are ordered to take a number of steps to bring the establishment up to health code. They include cleaning and sanitizing areas where mouse droppings were found, eliminating all possible points of entry for vermin like mice, cleaning storage areas and updating the way they store food, among many other orders.

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