He Was Reinstated Less Than A Week Later And Eventually Retired From The Sport In 2000.

Its the first year for the event and organizers say they are expecting about 10,000 people to attend the show at the Big Four Building on Saturday and Sunday. Cannabis consumers can buy all kinds of pot paraphernalia and attend free educational seminars about the cannabis industry in Canada. Olympic gold medalist, Ross Rebagliati, is outspoken about the benefits of medical marijuana and started his own brand. Rebagliati won the first Olympic gold in snowboarding in Nagano in 1998 and was stripped of his medal after testing positive for THC. He claimed he was exposed to second-hand pot smoke while at a party before the event and appealed the decision. He was reinstated less than a week later and eventually retired from the sport in 2000. He started a business called Ross Gold in 2013 and set up a shop and dispensary in Kelowna B.C. Id like to see a Ross' Gold on pretty much any corner where you would see a coffee shop and have it be accessible to everybody on a medical level and on a recreational level and for people to be comfortable and educated, said Rebagliati. The Trudeau government is working on the legislation to legalize recreational use of marijuana and plans to have it in place by next summer. The University of Calgary held a forum on cannabis legalization on Friday to talk about the impact of marijuana use on society. Theres lots of uncertainty about what it is going to look like over the next eighteen months in our province and we really wanted to start an open, respectful, conversation between many people who are here, said Rebecca Haines-Saah, Assistant professor of Community Health Science at the U of C.

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