H2s Ticket

121516 BFI Colonial Landfill They point out that other facilities are nearby, including another landfill next door, the Gator Landfill. As opposition mounts to Sorrento-area landfill expansion; owner raises doubts facility is source of odors The two Ascension Parish government bodies have called on state environmental regulators to … The councils of Sorrento and Ascension Parish government have adopted resolutions opposing the expansion of the BFI landfill. A Jan. 11 DEQ summary on air testing says regulators found 17 instances of elevated hydrogen sulfide, volatile organic compounds, sulfur dioxide or indications of flammable compounds on Dec. 21 at one of the landfill neighbor's homes. But regulators noted more than 98 percent of the data collected that day showed normal levels and indicated to inspectors that the few elevated measurements were invalid outliers. Based on the amount of flammability being reported, more of the test data should have pointed to elevated levels in other chemicals but didn't, the report says. So, inspectors did another round of tests. Those tests from Jan.

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